THE CAD / CAM is a technological system that allows us the design and manufacture of dental prostheses by computer. With this digital technology we are able to design and manufacture extremely accurate and highest quality dental restorations.cad cam

Dental clinics uses the CAD / CAM technology to produce restorations on implants, surgical guides, zircon crowns, implant abutments & we can restore from a tooth to a complete arch. Among the advantages that can be found with this system is the reduction in numbers surgical time, less inflammation, more accurate restorations, besides having the ability to have teeth implants made about future even before the intervention.

The CAD / CAM technology has 3 processes:

1. Scanning the tooth or dental implant in the model.
2.The computer design of the prosthesis by a three-dimensional software.
3. The robotic milling or parts manufacture.

Currently, the CAD / CAM technology represents the state of art in dentistry and we have here available for you.