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Causes Of Cracked Tooth And Its Repair

Imagine a tasty meal in front of your eyes! Will it be possible to savour the taste buds by merely looking at the food? It cannot ever be possible to resist the temptation to eat good food. But, will it be possible to enjoy the food, without chewing on it? No!

Wondering why this would happen?

Cracked tooth may be visible or  invisible. Cracked teeth can occur because of long term grinding or clenching habits, chewing of ice,biting on anything very hard, motor vehicles accident can also cause cracks in the teeth.

Cracked tooth/teeth is a dental condition where there is a microscopic crack on the tooth. Mostly, the crack is on the molars, which makes it very difficult to identify. Hence, you are required to undergo the process of cracked tooth treatment.  It requires skill, time and finesse to detect a cracked tooth. Cracked tooth treatment cannot solely be based on the interpretation of the impression of the x-ray image.

The cracks in the teeth are also called micro fractures. The treatment of these micro fractures depends on the amount of fracture;  it can range from just fillings, sometimes. If there is 1/3rd part of tooth is fractured, root canal treatment followed by crown is advised. If the fracture has affected 2/3rd of the tooth then we might have to extract the tooth and go for implants. The cracks in the teeth can vary; they teeth might become deeper because of eating any hard food also. So, get your teeth screened once in six months.

Types of Cracked Tooth

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth:

Cracked tooth treatment can be provided within a short period of time with results that are visible. There are various reasons for a cracked tooth. It could be due to chewing of hard food leading to internal and external injuries, uneven pressure on both sides of the jaws and by exposing the enamel of the teeth to extreme temperatures. The symptoms of Cracked Tooth are:

  • Severe pain in the tooth, which disappears instantly, once the morsel of food is dissolved with the saliva.
  • A mild pain in a particular area of the tooth, which keeps going and coming.The pain isn’t excruciating.

The affected portion of the tooth hurts while chewing, as the cracked part begins to open even more, making the tooth more sensitive to pain. Sometimes, depending on the intensity of the problem, it might also happen that the crack could expose pulp inside, which directly connects to the nerves of the tooth. In such situations, it becomes a matter of absolute urgency to visit a good dentist, who has the acumen to detect the tooth/teeth and provide an effective cracked tooth treatment.

Cracked Tooth Treatments:

Cracked Tooth Treatment

If you happen to visit the dentist early enough, the Cracked Tooth Treatment available will be less painful. But, if the root canal has been damaged and the nerves are hurt, one has to undergo a Root Canal Treatment. The treatment is completely dependent on the area in which the damage has taken place and size of the crack. The various types of cracked tooth treatment are:

  • Repairing the affected area by using a filling in the tooth.
  • Using a crown or a cap on the tooth, after the filling. This acts as a shield and protects the tooth from the sensitivity, while chewing.  There are various metals which are used to make the crown. The metals are- Ceramic, Porcelain, Zirconia and base metal alloys.

Hence, it is advised to go a dentist at the earliest to fix the issue, before it is too late.  Dr Gowds Dental has the latest and the best treatments that are provided under the able guidance of some of the best dentists. Please visit us at any time, for a dental check up and to address the concerns related to dentistry.

About the Clinics  Dr. Gowds Dental Clinic has sound repute as one of the most trusted dental healthcare providers in the region. We are the Pioneers in Dentistry or Dental Care. We are the first to introduce Dental Lasers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Immediate Implants to the State in 1967 Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital in Hyderabad  has provided outstanding dental care for more than 50 years which spells trust and reliability.

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