Asymmetric Face Treatment

Asymmetrical Face Treatment in Hyderabad

Your face is one of the most important features in your entire body, not just functionally, but aesthetically also. It therefore needs to be in symmetry for you to be able to look picture perfect in those social media uploads. However, not everyone is born with a perfectly symmetrical face. Some people, unfortunately, are born with protruding lower jaws, or other deformities that hamper the symmetry.

When that happens, a lot of things go for a toss. Speech articulation is a challenging activity. But, it doesn’t stop at aesthetic and functional issues. People with such deformities often face a lot of bullying, which dents their confidence further.

When you look at a defective jaw from this point of view, an asymmetric face is not only a cosmetic concern, it’s also a social challenge. The good news is that modern dental surgeries can fix such conditions and make you face symmetrical.

At Dr Gowds, we have the arrangements for all the required medical assets to treat this condition, help you look and feel confident.

But then, you would be wondering why faces tend to be asymmetrical. Asymmetry in the face can be due to two reasons:

  • Chin Discrepancy: Chin discrepancy is a prenatal (before birth) developmental defect of the chin. In some instances, the chin is reduced, while in some, it is protruded. This affects the facial features of an individual. Minor discrepancies can be corrected with chin exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles around your jaws.
  • Protruding Jaw: A protruding jaw, also known as Prognathism, is a condition where, more commonly, the lower jaw protrudes outwards and farther than the upper jaw. It also refers to the condition where the upper jaw protrudes way further than it should. Prognathism can lead to speech issues, eating & swallowing problems, and an odd appearance.

Advanced Orthodontics can correct most of the minor or mild defects. But if your condition is severe and orthodontic surgery cannot suffice, you will require a more complex surgery (complex does not imply risky) called an Orthognathic Surgery.

Orthognathic Surgery: Orthognathic surgery is also called a jaw correction surgery since it corrects the functionality and the appearance of your jaws. It requires a careful evaluation of a patient’s the exact conditions. For performing an orthognathic surgery, a Orthodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon (surgeon of structure of the head and neck) collaborate to make an extensive plan using advanced digital imaging technology. A plastic surgeon also plays a major part in the planning and surgical process as the surgery changes a person’s facial appearance up to a great extent.

At this point, a person should put a leash to their expectations because, the correction can only be done up to the limit to which his body will be able to cope with. The final result you see may be different for you than the person just before or after you. However, computerized treatment plans allow the doctors to give you the best possible outcome while minimising the treatment time and recovery period.

Orthognathic surgery does not have much age boundary but since it is related to bone structure, the earlier, the better.

At Gowds, we have performed several such corrections, restoring symmetry and smiles.