Dental Care For Teenagers

Dental Care For Teenagers
Serial Extractions: Serial Extraction, also known as Guidance of eruption is a well-planned tooth removal treatment mostly during teenage. It is done during the transition of milk teeth to permanent teeth. The treatment involves timed extractions of the primary, and ultimately permanent teeth, to avoid:
  • Crowding and irregularity of teeth
  • Allowing unerupted teeth to position themselves correctly

Expanders: An expander is an orthodontic appliance mostly used in young children. It is used to expand the arch of the mouth and prevents crowding & crossbites in growing children.

The expander is placed in the upper arch with bands placed around the teeth or plastic bonded over the teeth. Although removable expanders are more used by many people, fixed ones have more advantages than the removable ones.

Functional Appliances (Growth modification appliances): Growth modification is a part of the first phase of two-stage Orthodontic treatment for children in their early teens. These children particularly have malocclusion or (poor bite). Growth modification is possible only when bones are still growing.

Functional appliances are used to change the position, shape, length or width of the jawbones. These appliances can be removable or fixed based on preferences of the patient’s requirement. The theory suggests that the device changes the absolute size of one or both the jaws.