Teeth Gaps Treatment

Teeth Gaps Treatment in Hyderabad

Let’s say, you are in the middle of an important presentation and you feel like something is stuck in your teeth. What happens then? One, it irritates you; two, you worry if that is visible to anyone; three, you want to hurry out of the place just so you can pick it out. Neither of this is going to be a pleasant experience, right?

The risk of getting food stuck in your teeth is much higher if you have gaps in between your teeth. Those who say teeth gap is only a cosmetic concern (which also is not a negligible concern), ask them to put themselves in that scenario.

At Gowds, we have many patients who present with natural gap between the two upper front teeth. If the gap weren’t irritating enough, here is the fancy name by which it is known to the doctors – diastema. Our doctor help you understand why you have the gap. Sometimes, your upper jaw is slightly bigger than it needs to be – think of it as an evolutionary work-in-progress; all our jaws have not shrunk as per the requirement.
In fact, diastema can refer to gap between any two teeth.

Spaces between teeth can develop due to various reasons. These include:

Larger Jaw: When you have a larger jaw, your teeth try to give each other some space. They space out. This may be beneficial to your teeth’s emotional health but is not at all desirable when it comes to your Dental health or looks. (And considering that your teeth don’t have ‘emotions’, it is not beneficial at all).

Extra Tissue: A thin membrane of tissue, called labial frenum, attaches your lips to your gums. Sometimes, this labial frenum grows a little extra as if trying to create a stronger bond between the teeth and the lips. But during the process of doing so, it creates a gap between your teeth.

Habitual interference: When your milk teeth falls off and permanent teeth starts growing, the experience at that period can be painful or irritable or uncomfortable. Many children take to massaging the growing area with their tongue or fingers. This can cause both diastema and misaligned teeth. The same gaping may occur if a person habitually sucks his finger and gradually pushes apart his teeth during the act.

Dr Gowds is a safe and the best place to put your teeth together – eliminate any gaps and get a solid smile.