How to plan your trip Once you have made a decision to get yourself treated, and have chosen an appropriate procedure, you are ready, to begin with planning your medical trip.

Here’s a checklist you need to consider while you’re planning your trip:

Stage 1: Schedule a pre-consultation with the doctor using the online form or on call.

Stage 2: Determine your finances for your procedure and travel needs. Make sure the payment options you prefer are available at the clinic or get an alternate payment option finalised.

Stage 3: Keep all relevant medical records ready for the doctor to assess before your treatment process begins.

Stage 4: Make sure your local doctor is informed about your surgery so that they and provide relevant medical records that help your surgeon while performing the surgery.

Stage 5: Get your visa approvals. Make sure you carry all required documents for your travel and treatment to be smooth.

Stage 6: Get your flight departure and arrival details confirmed with our International patient coordinators well in advance. All the details will be sent to you over emails.

Stage 7: The last step would require you to arrive and enjoy your stay in Hyderabad and receive the best treatment provided by us.

At the end of the treatment you must follow up with your dentist for better recovery and aftercare needs based on what they suggest for your case.