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This Valentine’s Day, Paint The Town White

Have you booked an appointment at a salon for a hairdo? At whichever colour of the Valentine’s week spectrum you are in, you know that the D-day is dawning in fast and it will be here in a blink!

It’s high time that you start acting on your plans for the most romantic day in the year! But then again, it easier said than done. Your months of planning, the collection of love poems, the thoughtfully customised gifts, the reddest roses all go in vain if you can’t pick yourself up to make a move, if you have low self-esteem.

One of the major factors leading to low self-esteem in Indians is their dental outlook. And the most common of all dental problems is stained teeth! If your enamel is yellowish or if your favourite wine and chocolate has left their marks on your teeth, you could delight your Valentine by bringing to them a pearly white smile on the occasion of this Valentine’s Day.

Teeth Bleaching

At Dr. Gowds Dental we offer Smart Teeth Whitening Treatment for various kinds and degrees of teeth staining. For most cases, the treatment can be done in just one sitting. Even if your stains are stubborn, you can get 7 – 10 shades whiter teeth in just one sitting. But do not worry, bleaching your teeth will not affect your dental health. It will only remove the stain and brighten the natural shine and whiteness of the teeth.

In fact,  if you have a little more time in hand, you can get a quick a teeth cleaning  at Dr. Gowds Dental for remove discolouration of your teeth. Or you could opt for a even more advanced medical procedure – Laser teeth whitening. It’s non-invasive and hence, painless and, needless to say, the most effective. So, whether you go out to a nice restaurant or decide to binge watch – with your Valentine or just single (hail to the proudly single souls!) – pamper your ever-demanding taste buds with a mouthful of chocolates and a glassful of wine today – Dr. Gowds Dental can take care of your teeth tomorrow.

But if the stain is intrinsic, i.e. the teeth’s discolouration is due a inside factor rather than something from outside, it could require a whole different treatment. Intrinsic stains could be an indicator that your teeth needs urgent dental care. If this is the case, a radiant smile is not your immediate concern. The doctor will first focus on saving the teeth which will also automatically make it white and glowy.

Smart Teeth Whitening

So what are you waiting for? Pre-valentine’s day grooming or post-valentine’s day cleaning, for a new crush or an old partner or just for yourself, Book An Appointment with Dr. Gowds Dental for your Smart Teeth Whitening. Be ready to capture all the beautiful memories .


Prof. Dr. Snigdha Gowd, M.D.S. FICO. Specialist in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics (Switzerland), Specialist in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics (Switzerland). Chairman & CEO of Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital. If there had to be someone who can take credit for lakhs of smiling faces in Hyderabad, there’s one person who’s claim to fame it can be – Prof. Dr. Snigdha Gowd. It’s the joy of making people smile without inhibitions that made her choose the field of dentistry over her other passions. This art and skill of creating beautiful smiles . Spearheading Dr. Gowds Dental Clinics in Hyderabad, her idea behind transforming lives through corrected smiles and beautiful teeth is just a part of the bigger picture.

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