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This Women’s Day, Smile Better


Unlike the past, women are no longer confined to the four walls of their homes. They are marching out of their homes and showing us the real meaning of multitasking and excellence. Be it sports, corporate matters, politics, technology, you name it, and you’d find women calling the shots.

And this brings us to March – the month when we celebrate women! The 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day – a day when you celebrate women, you celebrate sisterhood, you celebrate you!

International Women’s Day


A healthy mind only resides in a healthy body. So, this year, why don’t you do something a little different? How about dental care? Teeth are pretty important, right? They not only help you in eating but also in speaking. They are a huge factor when it comes to your aesthetic appearance also. And naturally, they make a contributing factor towards your confidence and self-esteem as well.

Why do women need to be attentive towards their oral health?

Women are always the compass of a family. Women bring their children, husbands, and parents to the dental clinic. But more often than not when they are asked if they want a check up, they reply with a smile, “Not for me. Thanks. I am good.” But that needs to change. You need to take care of yourself to set a living example to your loved ones who you care for. In fact, being a woman demands for extra dental care, thanks to the various kinds of hormonal changes.

Gum Issues: Women are bombarded with hormonal changes throughout their lifetime – sometimes due to menstruation; then you also have pregnancy and menopause. These changes take a toll on your gum health. Sometimes your gums will feel swollen, sometimes irritated, sometimes dry and retracted. This makes your gums more vulnerable to gum diseases and recession. The best way to deal with it is keeping away plaque as far as possible. And the only way to do that is maintaining regular dental hygiene and biannual professional cleaning.

Teeth Issues: It’s not news that women are more vulnerable to bone degeneration and other bone weakening issues. Teeth and jaws consist of bone and hence requires special attention in women. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis don’t just affect the big knee or hip bones. They can also make you lose bone density in your jaws, gums and teeth leading to tooth loss.

It’s just not after menopause that the weakening sets in. It is advisable that to keep your teeth strong and healthy, you start taking dental health supplements as soon as you hit 30 years.

Other Issues: High blood pressure, blood sugar are also related to dental health issues. The most relatable issues will be bad breath and cavities. Many dental issues can be avoided if you have properly aligned teeth without gaps or overcrowding. You can fix your misaligned teeth with braces. Don’t worry as With Invisaligns, there is now no age limit to who can get braces.

At Dr. Gowds, you can make your teeth and gums both healthy and pretty. You can get a teeth scaling done; you can go for teeth whitening and even teeth straightening. Oh, and don’t worry about those ugly-looking braces – Dr. Gowds offers you Invisaligns for a subtle teeth straightening which is virtually invisible.

Teeth Straightening

You could also get treated for more serious stuff like jaw correction, broken or chipped tooth correction, Root Canal, dental implant, and even oral cancer (not that you have it, but it’s always wise to get checked occasionally).

One more of Dr. Gowds specialty is Accelerated Orthodontics where you do not have to wait prolonged periods to get your desired results. With modern tools and updated technology, dental care at Dr. Gowds takes minimal time.

Book An Appointment at Dr. Gowds. Sit back in the dental chair, relax. Reflect on all that you did to make yourself a proud woman. Don’t worry about your teeth.

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Dr. Gowds Dental Clinic has sound repute as one of the most trusted dental healthcare providers in the region. We are the Pioneers in Dentistry or Dental Care. We are the first to introduce Dental Lasers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Immediate Implants to the State in 1967 Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital in Hyderabad  has provided outstanding dental care for more than 50 years which spells trust and reliability.


Prof. Dr. Snigdha Gowd, M.D.S. FICO. Specialist in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics (Switzerland), Specialist in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics (Switzerland). Chairman & CEO of Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital. If there had to be someone who can take credit for lakhs of smiling faces in Hyderabad, there’s one person who’s claim to fame is – Prof. Dr. Snigdha Gowd. It’s the joy of making people smile without inhibitions that made her choose the field of dentistry . Spearheading Dr. Gowds Dental Clinics in Hyderabad, her idea behind transforming lives through corrected smiles and beautiful teeth is just a part of the bigger picture.

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