Single Sitting Root Canal

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

A single sitting root canal is an type of Root canal treatment, which reduces the number of sittings that the traditional procedure would take. The advent of single sitting root canals has made root canal treatments painless, & budget friendly as well. At Dr. Gowds Dental, we ensure your root canal treatment treatment is performed with highly sterilised surgical equipment. Apart from the painless procedures, we also make sure that the functionality is good, and the recovery is faster.

What is a root canal, and why does it need to be treated?

The space that naturally occurs within the tooth root is called root canal. The root canal consists of the main canal, the pulp chamber, and intricate anatomical branches which connect the root canals to the surface of the root and with each other as well. For many, a root canal treatment is usually a preferable option instead of an extraction.

A root canal treatment saves the tooth from further damage and assures of being healthy and intact. Root canal surgery also helps in removing diseased tissues from the inside of the tooth after filling and sealing the root canal area.

Single sitting root canal surgery is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosing and treating diseased soft tissues present inside the tooth. A root canal treatment helps continue the blood supply reach the tooth, by removing the infected pulp tissue. The tooth that has been treated is recognised by the body’s immune system as healthy and is no more at a risk of facing conditions such as a fracture or decay.

Advantages of single sitting root canal procedure:

  • Less traumatic for the patient
  • Less time consuming
  • More cost effective
  • Immediate sealing of the root canals and lateral accessory canals provides prompt healing
  • Bacteria is tightly sealed

Root canal treatment stabilises the teeth and provides a new and healthy life. Since root canal is used for treating damaged pulp tissue of a tooth which contains nerves, the common fear people have is the pain associated with it. Most people don’t wish to go through all that pain.

Although a root canal surgery leaves people with cold feet, the outcome is a life-saving option for the teeth. If you wish to retain your original teeth, there is no better option than getting a root canal done. With a root canal treatment, the tooth often continues to function just as healthy as a tooth without any dental troubles.