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Dental Crowns Treatment

dental crown hyderabad

What does a crown do – the one that a king or the winner of a beauty pageant wear? It adorns the person; it adds value to their outlook. Ravenclaw’s diadem (also a kind of crown), gave the bearer wit and wisdom. Crowns enhance our solo being.

Now when it comes to teeth, crowns do a little more than gracing your teeth – dental crowns complement the teeth. They provide support to weak teeth; they strengthen the teeth; and they protect the teeth from further damage.

At Dr Gowds, the last thing you have to worry about is getting an infection from the clinic or getting contaminated by someone else’s disease.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap. It is used to complement a broken (not lost) tooth. It fits over the remaining part of the Broken tooth and assumes the shape of the original tooth. Crowns improve the strength, enhance the appearance, and increases the size of the teeth.

Dental crowns are used in the following situations:

  • To protect a weak and brittle tooth from decaying or breaking
  • To hold together or preserve parts of a cracked tooth
  • To restore an already broken tooth
  • To cover a worn tooth that has a large filling
  • To provide support to a Dental bridge and hold it in place
  • To cover severely Discoloured teeth
  • To make cosmetic modifications to disfigured teeth

A dental crown can also be used on a milk tooth or a primary tooth if the tooth has gone through
severe damage.

At our clinic we try our best to give you a safe, comfortable and personalised care. At the reception, you get your token and wait for your turn in a cozy setup. (However, we suggest that you take prior appointment to avoid any delay). At the doctor’s chamber, you discuss all your dental problems with the doctor. She will help you resolve all your queries and concerns relating to the treatment procedure.

Modern dental equipment is highly efficient in service and also requires high maintenance – both in terms of money and hygiene. At Dr Gowds, we stress on keeping the environment hygienic and the tools sterile. Being a good dentist is not only about being able to successfully perform complex dental procedures; it is also about knowing and practising proper hygiene habits – including cleaning, sterilising and disposing of tools.

Some tools, specially the invasive ones, cannot be used for more than one patient (just like syringes); even if they are really expensive, they need to be thrown out without any attempt in optimising cost. Some machines need to be sterilised after each procedure like the ones which are taken close to the mouth but does not directly touch the mouth. Other accessories like the chair, sink, etc need to be cleaned regularly. The staff need to handle tissues, topical medicines etc with utmost care so that these things don’t get contaminated.

Now, let’s understand how your experience at Dr Gowds will be. If you have walked in because of a Decayed tooth, here’s what you can expect.

Dental Crown: Procedure

First, the dentist will take some X-ray images to see if you have enough dental bone density to go for a crown or if you need a Root canal. If you have enough bone density, he or she will numb your tooth and nearby gums. Then the tooth is filed down to make for the crown to set in. If you have a huge hole due to decay, the dentist will use a ‘filling’ material to fill it up. Next, a gluey paste will be used to take the impression of your tooth to be crowned and the one below it (so that the crown does not affect your bite). These impressions will be sent to he lab where, a crown will be made for you. You can get ‘crowned’ a couple of weeks later. Until then, a temporary crown will be put to protect your tooth from any external damage.

If you are comfortable with the procedure and are willing to go through it, then you and the dentist can find a common date of convenience to go through with the treatment. And don’t worry if you get a cold feet on the D-day; just bring yourself up to the clinic. We have got techniques to calm your nerves as well.