Tooth Extraction in Hyderabad

Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Tooth extraction (tooth pulling) refers to the removal of one or more teeth from the dental sockets in the alveolar bone. Tooth extractions are performed for many reasons, but most commonly are done when they decay and become unrestorable, if you have a severe periodontal disease or if you have had a dental trauma. Sometimes, the Wisdom teeth are stuck and unable to grow normally which can also cause a lot of pain and may cause Gum infections (pericoronitis). In some cases, the wisdom teeth are extracted to avoid recurrent gum infections that can lead to severe gum diseases. Gum diseases eventually result in loss of gum tissue and tooth loss.

Extractions are also done to improve your bite as many people have crowded teeth which make it difficult for them to chew properly. Orthodontists suggest teeth extractions if the teeth are crowded to improve the alignment of the teeth, your bite and your smile as well. Healthy teeth are extracted to create space between the teeth so the rest of the teeth can be straightened.