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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants 

Teeth issues with a rise among the people of every generation, are placed in the forefront of every major health issue. A smile consists of all the essentials, which make a smile to be a pleasant site for other. Hence, in order to get that perfect smile, one needs to have those perfect and healthy gums, which will support the growth of healthy teeth.

Dental Bone Graft

A dental bone graft is an essential for the teeth to be supported and for the teeth to be in shape after a trauma, tooth extraction and gum diseases. A dental bone graft is an absolute must for people who have weak dentition. Previously for fixing a dental bone graft one had to use a small part of the bone from the other parts of the body. But not with newer technologies. However, dentists continue to operate on the old bone grating techniques for s dental bone graft.

Bone Graft For Dental Implants

The reason for a dental bone graft and dental implants is so that- The Dental Implants which are placed on the jaws are strong and using the dental bone graft the implants get a stronger bone beneath it and it makes the teeth stronger.

The Process of fixing a bone graft is as follows:

  • The dentist first takes a small piece of bone from another part of the body and places it on the area, where the dental implants are to be placed.
  • In other cases, there is a dental bone graft which is made using special bone grafting material.
  • Once the bone or the special material is used, it is grafted to the jaws. Once the bone is grafted, it will take some time for the bone to grow, so that it will be able to support the dental implants.
  • In some cases, the dental bone graft can be used to grow at a very short time. This only happens when the area of treatment is very small. In small areas the bone may grow really fast. But, if the implants are for a very large area, it might take several months. Hence, the process of fixing the dental implants on the teeth takes a considerable amount of time.
  • Once the dental graft is strong with the bone, the implants are placed on it and a crown in placed on the tooth, to give it the real look of a tooth.

The various types of dental bone grafts are as follows:

  • The gold standard of dental graft is known as Autograft. In these type of dental grafts, there is a tissue which is taken from an individual’s mouth and it is transferred from one side to the other. Hence, it is one’s own bone that is taken from some part of the body (donor site) and it is placed on the affected area (recipient site). It is observed that these grafts have the highest success rate, as these are taken from one’s own cells with living tissues.
  • Allograft is the second type of a dental bone graft, which is used as the base for dental implants. It so happens that  a bone which is outside the bone of the individual is used for the grafting of dental implants. In this method, bones are used from donors, who are third party donors. The bone is taken from parts of the body. Before the process of the dental bone graft begins, it is important to acid wash the bone, so that there is no infection in it, when used on the recipient.
  • The third type of a dental bone graft is a Xenograft, where the bone is extracted and used between two different species.
  • The fourth variety of a dental bone graft is known as an Alloplast, where there is no exchange of tissues between two living beings. The dental bone grafts are made of synthetic materials. The grafts are usually made of Hydroxyapatite or any formulation thereof.

Bone Graft Types

Good teeth require a firm gums. Without firm and strong gums, the teeth become brittle or might even fall. Hence, the ones who are fixing dental implants are often asked to fix dental bone grafts so that the implants are strong, eventually making the teeth strong. The best dental grafts for implants are available at Gowds.

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