Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitation

In many instances, you might have known or heard of accidents that cause dental trauma. People could lose most or the entire teeth set in some cases. However, trauma is not the only reason someone would need a full mouth rehabilitation for. Other important reasons include:

1. If Tooth decay spreads, it may damage all the teeth
2. Severe gum disease that may cause loss of teeth
3. Oral cancer that can also lead to tooth loss

This is when a full mouth restoration or a full mouth reconstruction is considered. At Dr. Gowds Dental, we offer a wide range of full mouth restoration procedures which are minimally invasive.

What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth restoration/rehabilitation is a procedure that helps you get back a defined facial profile and improved bite. A full mouth reconstruction involves restorative dental specialists who perform procedures like procedures like Crowns, Bridges and Veneers. A full mouth restoration also requires a team of periodontists, oral surgeons, Orthodontists and endodontists to carry out the surgery together. Although it is a slightly complicated procedure, it is a long-term treatment for people, who have either recovered from a gum disease or trauma. A full mouth restoration requires specialised planning, dedication and unique qualifications.

A full mouth rehabilitation is a highly individualised dental restoration treatment. A full mouth restoration aims to remove all the decay and infection and improve the overall health of the mouth. Improving the total health of the mouth includes the teeth, gums, and the bite.

Who needs a full mouth reconstruction?

  • Patients who have lost the entire set of teeth due to decay or trauma.
  • People with injured or fractured teeth.
  • People with severely worn out teeth due to long-term acid erosion or tooth grinding.
  • People who might have a congenital problem of not developing a proper set of teeth.
  • People who need to re-treat old dental work like crowns and fillings.

Full mouth reconstruction Vs. Smile makeover

A smile makeover is what you elect to have it done, while a full mouth restoration is something that you might need due to certain consequences.

Full mouth reconstruction - The Aim

Full mouth restoration treatments are usually done on multiple visits. The treatment process aims to accomplish different individualised goals. Also, every dental professional will have different protocols for the treatment, which again varies from patient to patient. So to help you set your expectations, we are here to help you know what’s possible and what’s not. Timelines of a full mouth restoration treatments are done in, can help you set realistic expectations.

Full mouth reconstruction timelines and approach

  • A procedure completed over several months or years
  • Treatment which is done in just a few weeks
  • Full mouth restoration with Bite and Jaw Repositioning – A combined treatment