Dental Implants in Hyderabad

“Smile big, eat what you want, be confident in yourself!”

Smile Big!

Dental Implants in Hyderabad

If you are missing one or more teeth, you can understand tooth loss makes you feel uncomfortable about smiling or eating in public. You might avoid social gatherings and also begin to isolate yourself. This could impact your personal, social and professional life, along with your self-confidence.

Dental implant treatments can change your life for the better.

From having one to an entire set of teeth missing, dental implant treatments help in restoring your appearance, bite, speech, nutrition, total oral health, and self-esteem. So smile big, eat what you want, brush and floss regularly, and be confident about yourself!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are advanced treatment options for teeth replacement procedures. Dental implants bond with healthy bones and provide permanent support to the Dental Crowns and Dental Dentures. Dental implants replicate natural teeth both in looks and functionality and also last a lifetime.

Importance of dental implants

Dental Implants are useful not just for aesthetic enhancement, but most importantly for better functionality and chew.

Dental implant treatments are now the standard of care for replacing a single tooth or even an entire arch. Dental implants are an attractive solution for those who have been using dentures for decades, or months, to regain a natural dental function.

A dental implant is used in conjunction with tooth coloured ceramic crowns. Dental implants are made of titanium, and affixed to your natural jawbone, to act just as a natural root would. It gives you a similar sense of perception of taste, cold, or hot as your natural teeth. Dental implant surgery is usually minimally invasive. While other procedures like bridgework may affect the surrounding teeth, dental implants leave your existing teeth untouched. This is incredibly essential to the long-term health of your mouth.

Why choose dental implant treatments?

Crowns, bridges and dentures can address the short-term cosmetic issue of missing teeth. But they may not be as helpful in preventing bone loss. Crown and bridge dentistry requires grinding the healthy teeth leaving them at a more significant risk of developing cavities and eventually Tooth Decay and loss. Bridges don’t stop bone loss. Dentures may become uncomfortable and unstable over a period, as the jawbone shrinks resulting in eating and speech problems.

With dental implant treatments, there are usually no compromises with healthy teeth. Dental implants are like natural teeth, which stimulate the jaw and prevent bone loss. Leading dental clinics recognise dental implant treatments as the standard of care for tooth replacement.

Advancements in dental implant treatments

At Dr. Gowds Dental Clinics we use science and innovation as our base to offer unique dental implant treatments with proven aesthetic results. Our dental implants are durable, biocompatible and are made of titanium, (most widely used material in implant dentistry). We provide dental implant treatments with lifetime warranty concerning your requirement, usage and are clinically-proven by in-depth and authenticated research in the industry.

Why replace missing teeth with dental implant surgery?

Losing one or more teeth creates gaps between your other teeth which makes you look unappealing. Your toothless smile affects your ability to chew correctly and can alter your nutrition levels. In addition to these serious issues, tooth loss also causes bone loss. All this put together missing teeth also lowers your self-confidence, which you don’t want for sure.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss: How can dental implant surgery help?

When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone beneath it shrinks from lack of stimulation. Missing Teeth not just affect your smile but also changes the shape of your face that may cause you to look prematurely aged.

The Laser-Lock advantage in dental implant surgery

Dental implants are treated with our proprietary Laser-Lock technology. This technology can help your smile remain as beautiful for a lifetime.

Speak with your dental expert to know more about restoring, enhancing and maintaining your smile with implant-supported dentures or individual dental implants.

Single tooth replacement

A dental implant can replace a missing tooth without altering the healthy adjacent teeth. Once the implant is placed, a post is attached to provide support for your final crown.

Multiple teeth replacement

If you have more than one tooth which is missing, dental implant surgery may be the best treatment option for you. Multiple teeth implants are replaced with individual crowns or a multi-unit bridge to rejuvenate your smile.

Cost of Dental Implant / Tooth Implant Cost / Dental Implant Cost

Cost of Dental Implant starts from Rs.25,000 to Rs.60,000 in Dr.Gowds Dental Hospital [Gachibowli Clinic, Madhapur Clinic, Koti Clinic]. Cost of Dental Crowns starts from Rs.7500 to Rs.15000. Prices variations is subjected to depending on patient case severity, Depending on Dental Implant brand and various other factors. Price is determined by our Chief Doctor after diagnosis of patient (i.e., General Consultation). Dr.Gowds Dental Hospital provides quality treatment in Dental Implants. Service is avaiable in our Gachibowli Clinic, Madhapur Clinic, Koti Clinic and Banjara Hills Clinic.


What if we told you,it is possible to replace all of your missing teeth with just 4 implants in each jaw?

Thanks to the latest advancements in dentistry and the expertise of the specialists,Yes, it’s possible!

As the name “all-on-four” suggests, you can now have an entire arch full of FIXED teeth with the help of just 4 implants.These 4 implants are placed in the jaw by following the necessary protocols and precise planning so as to provide maximum strength and stability for the denture/bridge.

Interestingly, You don’t have to wait for months without teeth,while,the titanium implants take their time to completely heal and Fuse to the bone. You can wear your custom made temporary dentures during the healing phase of 3-5months. After your doctor makes sure that the implants are sturdy and Fused with the bone, you will be given a custom made, permanent set of teeth which will not only help you smile better but also help you eat your favourite foods all over again.

Benefits of All-on-four

  1. Can be performed on resorbed bone as well
  2. Fixed full mouth prosthesis which is functional and aesthetic.
  3. Doesn’t require frequent change of dentures in contrast to removable dentures.
  4. Preserves bone .
  5. Requires fewer dental implants, hence highly cost effective.
  6. Highly stable dentures.
  7. Minimally invasive.

Situations in which All-on-4 may not work

  1. Highly uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension.
  2. Patients with bleeding disorders.
  3. Poorly maintained oral hygiene and periodontal condition.
  4. Aggressive smokers.
  5. Heavily resorbed bone.
  6. People with teeth grinding habit

How to know if you are a suitable patient for the procedure?

* Share your concerns and needs with your doctor.

* Let them analyse your bone using xrays and scans and tests.

* Inform them about your overall health, your diet and habits and time constraints ,if any.

* Doctors will consider all the important factors and provide you with the best treatment option available for you.

Don’t let your missing teeth take control of your life. Take your step towards a better living and confident a smile,today!