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When was your last visit to a dentist? – what’s the need?

When was your last visit to your dentist ?

If somebody had to ask you this question, you would probably wonder why you should be visiting a dentist unless you have, problem. Many of you might not feel the need to visit a dentist regularly, which is why, oral hygiene is one of the most neglected aspects when it comes to overall health. So, then, it’s time to burst the bubble: Visiting a Dentist regularly should not be an option, it should be a norm.

Visit a Dentist

Dental, or more precisely, oral health issues do not cause pain until they reach an advanced stage. But, there are still symptoms you can look for. But then again, you overlook or underestimate them. This is why it is best to take an expert’s opinion once in six months. Here is how you can benefit from a visit to a dentist.

Dental problems: Plaques, tartars are visible. But, teeth decay silently. What your eyes cannot see, your dentist’s expert eye can. Even if you are a careful practitioner of good dental habits, you might still need a professional cleaning to ensure your teeth’s longevity. Teeth sensitivity is sometimes caused either by wrong bite or by bruxsim or bad brushing habits .

Gum issues: The issues with gum are very similar to those of teeth. They are all painless until they get serious. You might notice your gums being swollen or itchy or Gum Bleeding. But by the time you notice this, the damage has already begun. Even gums recede so slowly that the progress is almost invisible to an inattentive eye.

Spongy gums can also be caused due to vitamin c deficiency. Sometimes, diabetes can also be diagnosed with dental checkups.  The mouth, being the part of the body that helps chew and break down food, is sensitive too. If it isn’t taken care of properly, take care then there are chances of you developing constipation and even acidity.

Cancer and other major issues: One of the most significant threats you may face for ignoring your visits to a dentist is oral cancer. We all know that cancer is curable but only in its early stages. But it takes a qualified dentist to diagnose that.  Oral health may also be an indicator of a serious health condition. For instance, bad breath. While it may be just tartar, it may also indicate a fatty liver. Diabetes can sometimes be diagnosed with oral hygiene check.

Bad habits: Do you have a habit of smoking or consuming alcohol or grinding your teeth? Your dentist will give you, even more, reasons to stop doing those.

Now, do you think that a dental clinic is only meant to keep your dental illness at bay? Think again.  Nowadays, modern clinics like Dr Gowds offer a lot more than scaling and root planing.  First of all, dental procedures are no more painful – painless dentistry uses tested forms of sedation which allows you to even sleep through the procedure.  Then there is laser treatment which involves minimum blood loss and a quick recovery time.

Remember braces? The spotted smiles? Gone are those days. Now invisible braces  fit your jaws so smoothly that your smile gets better without looking bad .  Does your dentist advice that you not to do multiple dental implants in one sitting? Well, in well-equipped clinics, the latest technology allows you to do the same safely in one single session.

The trend of dental jewellery is catching up. Want to get trendy? Dr Gowds has the latest tools to fix an added spark to teeth. Dr Gowds have the best doctors and the most skilled assisting staff. The clinic has an experience of almost 50 years. And it has pioneered and revolutionised dental treatment in Hyderabad with all the latest technologies and the modern equipment.

About the Clinics Dr. Gowds Dental Clinic, started in 1967, has sound repute as one of the most trusted dental healthcare providers in the region. We are the Pioneers in Dentistry or Dental Care. We are the first to introduce Dental Lasers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Immediate Implants to the State in 1992.  Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital in Hyderabad has provided outstanding dental care for more than 50 years which spells trust and reliability.

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